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Mednafen gets the trickier systems working (great for Hyperspin or any other frontend!)

It has become apparent to me recently that people do not know that mednafen is a multi-system emulator. It is the most popular emulator used for virtual boy but it can also run several other systems. I use it for the following systems. Download mednafen here . You want the winzip file.

  1. Virtual Boy
  2. Neo Geo Pocket Color (and the original)
  3. Atari Lynx
  4. Turbo Grafx

** For Atari Lynx you need the bios file**

To configure player 1 controllers press


To configure player 2 press


I’m not sure why but you have to press keys twice when configuring your buttons. But you do… so do it!


I was able to get fullscreen by pressing alt+enter, for some system you have to edit the .cfg file to get auto fullscreen.

Also if you’re using the 1,2,5 and 6 button keys for your control panel you need to deactivate the save states (they are linked to these buttons).

Run mednafen so it can create cfg file, you need to run it before it will create a .cfg file. Now you need to open mednafen-09x.cfg with notepad or any other text editor.

If you simply delete the line with the save state for that key mednafen will recreate them mapped onto the same keys, instead assign save state 1,2,5, and 6 to another button (I assigned them all to key code 48.. which is one of the other number). I found this section by pressing ctrl + F and searching “save state”.


Mednafen runs great in Hyperspin without hyperlaunch. Just make sure you have it launching to fullscreen outside of your frontend and the controls configured. No issues with exiting and launches in Hyperspin either!

Useful Tips

For testing mednafen outside of your frontend, If you drag a rom into the mednafen.exe, it will launch the rom. No need for command line.

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How to Make Hyperspin Lists: The quick and easy way

So I spent months trying to figure out how to make lists for Hyperspin. I tried using dir2xml like everyone kept suggesting. It never worked. I grew frustrated and left Hypersin for a while. I went back and thanks to Lashek and Badboybill now know that I was using the wrong dir2xml file.

I’m posting this just to make this resource more accessible. I didn’t know that you could do this so easily and avoid clrmamepro. It’s a great resource for making lists for unsupported systems.

If your games have weird names (atomiswave for example) you’ll have to edit the description in the xml because it sets the rom name as the description. You also won’t have all that other additional information that you usually have (such as the year). But definitely easier to start from than a blank file.


  1. Place the Exe in your folder
  2. … execute the file
  3. Place the file in the database folder for that system and name it to match that system
  4. If you have wheel art, videos, and themes you will have to rename these to match your roms

Get the file here , program created by fata1err0r

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Gargoyle’s Quest 2

215264-gargyles 2 large

While many of us were already playing our Super Nintendos or Genesis in 1992, Capcom released Gargoyle’s Quest 2. I unfortunately missed this game because of this reason. I did enjoy Demon’s Crest for the Super Nintendo, but never thought I’d enjoy Gargoyle’s Quest for the NES.

This game is actually a prequel to the first game that was release on the Gameboy.

Gameplay: This is definitely the highlight of the game. Gargoyle’s Quest II integrates some RPG elements that include talking to towns folk, menus with items, and going on traveling over a large world map. When you encounter an enemy or cross a bridge (or cave) you enter the action portion of the game. In a way it reminds me of Zelda II except there’s more of a focus on jumping. Let me put it this way, if it wasn’t for save states I would probably be pulling my hair out! The game become easier later on as your flying and jumping abilities are powered up.Gargoyles Quest 2 NES ScreenShot2

Story: Story? Hah! We don’t need no freaking story. You play a badass gargoyle, and are out on a journey to save the evil realm. For a game that integrates RPG elements I did sometimes find my self lost or not sure of what to do next. The advice or hints are sometimes not very clear. It’s something like this: “argh, I was attacked, go warn the other king!”, then the other king is under a trance and you are told to go talk to so and so, then to talk to her you have to get a special item, but you have to go somewhere else to get that item that is only mentioned by a villager in poorly translated text.

Graphics: I really do think the graphics stand out. It was released toward the end of the Nintendo’s life span, so it makes sense that the graphics look so nice.

Overall Grade: B

It’s Challenge and Platforming keep it interesting, it’s rpg elements are a little lacking with a very dry script.

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Metroid Fan Made Comic

I recently found this comic and really enjoyed the art.  I was surprised how well some of the later images were illustrated.  The story is a little odd, and the writing needs a bit of work, but the art is top notch! Some nsfw illustrations, but overall it’s fine.  For those of you not used to reading manga, remember you read from right to left then move down.

I remember loving comics in the 1990s as a kid and always hoping for Nintendo comics. I loved the Zelda comic that Nintendo power published.  Reading this fan comic was reminded me of those days (here i go again). I’ll be looking out for the next release.

Click Here for Metroid Pirates Comic

via destructoid

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2d or not 2d? That is the quesiton

Kotaku recently posted an interesting article on the comback of 2d graphic games.  Take a break and check it out.

A world that is falling in love with 3D needs to know something: A different sort of 3D electrified video game players more than a decade ago. It was supposed to take over. But 2D won’t die. In fact, people just might like flatter… better.

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How to use cpwizard for dummies

July 1, 2010 1 comment

CPwizard is a great program that allows you to do add several options to your current mame project.  One of the most interesting options, at least to me, is the ability it has to automatically launch art and other information on a 2nd screen when you launch a game in mame. I hope this guide is helpful.

(image borrowed from headsoft)

Cpwizard was hard to set up, but thanks to headkaze I was able to figure this out.  I thought what I found out might be helpful to others, also check out headkaze’s website here

I worked off of the default file that comes with cpwizard. You can edit the buttons and add more.. but I’d suggest you first try this to get a hang of how cpwizard works.

Initial Setup Guide

1. Make sure you have MAME running for the games you want to try.  cpwizard can do other emulators, but this guide will not detail how to do that.

2. If you want to use customized keys, make sure you have that setup (via the ctrlr file or individual .cfg files per game)

3. Download cpwizard here and Follow the guide located at Headsoft found here , make sure you follow that guide and can open cpwizard

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