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Gargoyle’s Quest 2

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While many of us were already playing our Super Nintendos or Genesis in 1992, Capcom released Gargoyle’s Quest 2. I unfortunately missed this game because of this reason. I did enjoy Demon’s Crest for the Super Nintendo, but never thought I’d enjoy Gargoyle’s Quest for the NES.

This game is actually a prequel to the first game that was release on the Gameboy.

Gameplay: This is definitely the highlight of the game. Gargoyle’s Quest II integrates some RPG elements that include talking to towns folk, menus with items, and going on traveling over a large world map. When you encounter an enemy or cross a bridge (or cave) you enter the action portion of the game. In a way it reminds me of Zelda II except there’s more of a focus on jumping. Let me put it this way, if it wasn’t for save states I would probably be pulling my hair out! The game become easier later on as your flying and jumping abilities are powered up.Gargoyles Quest 2 NES ScreenShot2

Story: Story? Hah! We don’t need no freaking story. You play a badass gargoyle, and are out on a journey to save the evil realm. For a game that integrates RPG elements I did sometimes find my self lost or not sure of what to do next. The advice or hints are sometimes not very clear. It’s something like this: “argh, I was attacked, go warn the other king!”, then the other king is under a trance and you are told to go talk to so and so, then to talk to her you have to get a special item, but you have to go somewhere else to get that item that is only mentioned by a villager in poorly translated text.

Graphics: I really do think the graphics stand out. It was released toward the end of the Nintendo’s life span, so it makes sense that the graphics look so nice.

Overall Grade: B

It’s Challenge and Platforming keep it interesting, it’s rpg elements are a little lacking with a very dry script.

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