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Mednafen gets the trickier systems working (great for Hyperspin or any other frontend!)

It has become apparent to me recently that people do not know that mednafen is a multi-system emulator. It is the most popular emulator used for virtual boy but it can also run several other systems. I use it for the following systems. Download mednafen here . You want the winzip file.

  1. Virtual Boy
  2. Neo Geo Pocket Color (and the original)
  3. Atari Lynx
  4. Turbo Grafx

** For Atari Lynx you need the bios file**

To configure player 1 controllers press


To configure player 2 press


I’m not sure why but you have to press keys twice when configuring your buttons. But you do… so do it!


I was able to get fullscreen by pressing alt+enter, for some system you have to edit the .cfg file to get auto fullscreen.

Also if you’re using the 1,2,5 and 6 button keys for your control panel you need to deactivate the save states (they are linked to these buttons).

Run mednafen so it can create cfg file, you need to run it before it will create a .cfg file. Now you need to open mednafen-09x.cfg with notepad or any other text editor.

If you simply delete the line with the save state for that key mednafen will recreate them mapped onto the same keys, instead assign save state 1,2,5, and 6 to another button (I assigned them all to key code 48.. which is one of the other number). I found this section by pressing ctrl + F and searching “save state”.


Mednafen runs great in Hyperspin without hyperlaunch. Just make sure you have it launching to fullscreen outside of your frontend and the controls configured. No issues with exiting and launches in Hyperspin either!

Useful Tips

For testing mednafen outside of your frontend, If you drag a rom into the mednafen.exe, it will launch the rom. No need for command line.

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