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How to use cpwizard for dummies

July 1, 2010 1 comment

CPwizard is a great program that allows you to do add several options to your current mame project.  One of the most interesting options, at least to me, is the ability it has to automatically launch art and other information on a 2nd screen when you launch a game in mame. I hope this guide is helpful.

(image borrowed from headsoft)

Cpwizard was hard to set up, but thanks to headkaze I was able to figure this out.  I thought what I found out might be helpful to others, also check out headkaze’s website here

I worked off of the default file that comes with cpwizard. You can edit the buttons and add more.. but I’d suggest you first try this to get a hang of how cpwizard works.

Initial Setup Guide

1. Make sure you have MAME running for the games you want to try.  cpwizard can do other emulators, but this guide will not detail how to do that.

2. If you want to use customized keys, make sure you have that setup (via the ctrlr file or individual .cfg files per game)

3. Download cpwizard here and Follow the guide located at Headsoft found here , make sure you follow that guide and can open cpwizard

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Nulldc is back in business! Dreamcast 4 your PC

So I was a bit encouraged to keep updating this thing after noticing that a few people found it useful.  I’m glad to hear this was helpful!

So recently I found ut that the creator of NullDC, a dreamcast emulator, was working on this emulator again.  The playability of games on this emulator are great and many work 100%. So I have a miniguide here.

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Blaz Blue Emulator

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Wow! I just found out you can emulate blazblue on the pc!! That’s really crazy.

I can’t tell you were to download this, because that would be illegal but if you do have the file set do the following

drag “game.exe” onto “typex_config.exe”
Answer no to the first 3 questions, and on the fourth just press enter. Then configure your inputs.
To run the game, drag “game.exe” onto “typex_loader.exe”
This process can be simplified by making a simple shortcut/batchfile

Who would have thought, apparently this has been out since last November

Also it turns out that Tatsunoko vs Capcom Emulates very well on the Dolphin Emulator. Great additions to any cab.

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